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Aselsan from Turkey unveils new generation of Koral Land-Based Radar Electronic Warfare System.

| 2020

According to a video released on Youtube and Twitter on November 12, 2020, the Turkish company Aselsan has unveiled a new generation of its Koral Land-Based Radar Electronic Warfare System. The previous version is already in service with the Turkish army and was deployed during combat operations.
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Aselsan Koral Land-Based Radar Electronic Warfare System. (Picture source Army Recognition)

KORAL Land-Based Radar Electronic Warfare System is designed and manufactured by the Turkish Defense Company Aselsan. The KORAL system is composed of two 8x8 military trucks, each carrying an element of the system. One is the Radar Electronic Support (ES System) and one multi Radar Electronic Attack (EA) system to cover the full spectrum.

KORAL System supports the Suppression of Enemy Air Defence (SEAD) operations by building information dominance and providing fast response time in a challenging environment. KORAL is composed of Electronic Support and Electronic Attack System each mounted on an eight by eight tactical truck.

The KORAL System is operated by two operators within the Operation Control Unit (OCU), one Electronic Support Operator for the detection, analysis and DF functions and, one EA Operator for jamming, deception, and source allocation functions. Additionally, the Supervisor within the OCU handles the operational coordination and communication with the other KORAL Systems and commands. The OCU incorporates three multifunctional consoles to achieve these roles.

With an effective range in excess of ninety miles (about 150 kilometers), KORAL reportedly could jam and deceive any land, sea, and airborne radar systems. The fast beam steering is generated via the phased array antenna system with a high output of power and multiple solid-state amplifiers. The system covers a wide frequency and spatial coverage with a high parameter measurement accuracy. The KORAL system can operate at temperatures between -30 °C and +50 °C and with a humidity rate of 95 %.

The design of the new generation of Koral radar is based on the previous version with more capabilities in terms of detection. The New Generation KORAL system opens the safe air corridor needed in the operational field by detecting and effectively mixing even the most effective and popular radar threats, and will break new ground with the support of friendly air elements to the user to perform their duties effectively and safely.

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