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Russia: ZVO army command will receive PMK-4 gas masks.

| 2019

The command of the combined-arms army of the Western Military District (ZVO) will receive the newest PMK-4 gas masks, which are integrated in the Ratnik-2 individual protection outfit, ZVO’s press service said.

ZVO army command will receive PMK 4 gas masks
Russian cadet from 282 training center equipped with Ratnik, PMK-4 gas mask and AK-12 (Picture source: Russian MoD)

"The new radiological, chemical and biological defense means are compatible with the winter and summer sets of the servicemen’s outfits and match the operating needs in conditions of the Far North," ZVO said.

The PMK-4 sets have protective screens on the front panoramic section made of polymeric glass; light filters; attachments for vision correction as well as fittings for taking water and liquid food. A helmet-mask made of Russian butyl rubber and silicon ensures complex protection. The technical level of PMK-4 gas masks matches the best foreign analogues and surpasses them 1.5-2 times in terms of the main protective and operating characteristics.

ZVO troops are expected to receive more than 6,500 modern gas masks in 2019.

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