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SOFINS 2019: Shark Robotics presents its mule robot Barakuda for the first time.

| 2019

The French company Shark Robotics presented its mule robot Barakuda for the first time at SOFINS 2019 (France). The vehicle made an appearance during a live demonstration.

SOFINS 2019 Shark Robotics presents its mule robot Barakuda for the first time
Barakuda, by Shark Robotics (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Barakuda is a versatile mule robot designed to work in risk areas (it can be dropped from air). This robot assists men to carry equipment or casualties, to make information readings, to allow the vision day / night and thermal thanks to a video equipment.

With its four 3000 Watts engines, Barakuda  has a carrying capacity of 1000 kg and a traction capacity of 2000 kg, while it weighs only400 kg. It has an autonomy of 10 hours and can go up to 15 km/h.

It is equipped with HD thermal cameras, NRBC sensor tray, ballistic shielding and inductive charging.

There are three different types of control stations:


- Allows control of the robot at sight
- Piloting the water cannon, motorized buffering, lighting, solenoid valve
- Driving distance: 300m


- Tactile waterproof and shockproof tablet, 3-axis joystick
- 500m range
- Ergonomic and intuitive
- Resists interference
- Choice of frequencies


- PC, 3-axis joystick + control buttons
- Ergonomic and intuitive on-board control station that allows to control the robot from a control station


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