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Slovakia to negotiate purchase of NATO compatible radars.

| 2019

Slovakia will hold talks with France, the USA and Israel over the purchase of 17 military 3D radars worth €155 million, the Defence Ministry informed on its website. 13 countries submitted their government-to-government proposals.

Slovakia to negotiate with three countries for NATO compatible radars
Soviet-era 1S91M2 Straight Flush air defense radar, one of the outdated systems to be replaced by NATO-compatible ones (Picture source: Ausairpower)

The decision was made by experts from the Defence Ministry and Slovakia's Armed Forces. They analysed technical and operational requirements, price offers, compatibility with other NATO systems, as well as the date of delivery among other criteria. The new radars will replace the old military radars, which cannot be integrated with the NATO systems. The purchase of radars is part of the modernisation of Slovakia's Armed Forces. Overall, 13 countries submitted their bids, including the Czech Republic, the UK, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey.

Last summer, Slovakia also signed a deal for the purchase of 14 American jets F-16. Moreover, the country will be purchasing 4x4 combat armored and multi-role tactical vehicles. On 15 June 2018, the Slovak Ministry of Defense had already announced plans to procure 17 3D air defence radar systems for EUR155 million (USD179 million) on a government-to-government basis to accelerate the acquisition of the new systems and ensure maximum transparency. The announcement was made following the MoD’s cancellation in April of a EUR72 million international tender to procure four systems, which was announced in 2015 by a previous government.



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