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ShieldAfrica 2019: Sofema HADès20 20mm automatic cannon weapon station.

| 2019

At ShieldAfrica 2019, the International Defense and Security Exhibition in Côte d’Ivoire, French Company Sofema, specialized in the refurbishing of combat armored and military equipment presents its HADès20, a 20mm automatic cannon weapon system that can be easily integrated on light combat vehicle, truck or vessel.

SOFEMA HADES20 20mm automatic cannon weapon station for light combat vehicle 925 001
SOFEMA HADéS20 20mm automatic cannon weapon station at ShieldAfrica 2019, International Defense andSecurity Exhibition in Côte D'Ivoire, January 23, 2019.  (Picture source Army Recognition)

The HADès20 is weapon system that was designed by SOFEMA based on the M693 CN MIT 20 F2 20mm automatic cannon. The cannon is integrated on a platform which has a traverse of 360° and elevation from -30° to +45°.

The M693 is a dual feed cannon which fires standard 20 x 139 mm caliber ammunition. It is a mounted monotube gun, with two cartridge boxes for 50 or 100 ammunition, mounted on each side of the weapon. An electrical control system allows for a choice of three modes of fire: single shot, eight-shot burst, or free fire. There is an electrical trigger in the right hand of the gunner. A manual selector allows the gunner to change the box feeding the weapon during the firing, making mixed firing available. After each shot, the empty cartridge is ejected from beneath the weapon.

The double aiming system consists of one simple mechanical sight and one collimator sight. The cannon can be used against land and air targets with a firing range up to 2,000 m.

The HADès20 has a total weight of 520 kg without ammunition. The gunner can operate the weapon under armour plates fitted at the front of the weapon station offering protection STANAG 4569 Level, against firing of small arms 7.62mm caliber.

With its HADès20, SOFEMA propose a low cost solution of weapon station which offers excellent firepower and that can be integrtaed on light combat vehicle or vessel without any modifications.

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