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SDLE to deliver third generation thermal camera for Centauro armored of Jordanian army.

| 2019

Star Defense Logistics & Engineering (SDLE) keeps developing the project awarded by the Jordanian Army a year and a half ago for the commissioning of a fleet of 80 Centauro Cavalry Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV). During the next weeks, SDLE will deliver one of the most relevant milestones of this Program, in the next weeks SDLE will deliver the first batch of its third generation thermal cameras.

SDLE to deliver third generation thermal camera for Centauro armored of Jordanian army 925 001
Centauro Cavalry Reconnaissance Vehicle of Jordanian army. (Picture source SDLE)

The camera tests developed by SDLE were carried out last August in Jordan, under extreme temperature conditions and particles in the air. The tests proved that the thermal camera is able to detect targets in real conditions 11 kilometers away. The camera is adaptable to different vehicles, and among its most outstanding features is its great maintenance capacity, because of its self-diagnosis system.

SDLE has completed the full repairing on 10 of these vehicles, which are already operational and under demanding acceptance tests carried out by the Jordanian Army, including tracking in different areas and shooting exercises.

Before the end of the year, the last maintenance course provided by SDLE to the Jordanian technical staff will conclude. In a first formative phase, employment and maintenance courses of 2nd and 3rd echelon were teached, besides specific training of 4th echelon on transmission, engines, mechanical and hydraulic of the turret, as well as optoelectronics and suspension.

This project is being executed under the concept of integrated logistic support, covering both vehicles repairing by SDLE and provision of all capabilities for complete vehicle operation for at least 15 years.

To do so, the Madrid-based company will solve all the systems obsolescences, since after upgrading the VRC Centauro remains a high-performance vehicle, thanks to its great mobility and the power of its 105 mm cannon.

SDLE has completed the supply of all the necessary tools and test equipment for the operation of the vehicles, having provided all the material for the preventive maintenance of the fleet. For at least another year, the staff of the Spanish company in charge of this program will continue working onsite for the maintenance and upgrading of the Centauro vehicles that Jordan acquire from Italy as surplus material.


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