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Russian Northern Fleet tank battalion fully rearmed with T-80BVM tanks.

| 2019

A tank battalion of a Northern Fleet separate motorized infantry brigade has received the final batch of 26 T-80BVM tanks and completed the rearmament procedure. The tanks were upgraded by the Omsktransmash Plant in East Siberia.

Russian Northern Fleet tank battalion fully rearmed with T 80BVM tanks 2
T-80BVM (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"During the forthcoming combat training period, the servicemen will use the new military hardware. They are ready to operate it as they underwent training on T-80BVM tanks from the previous batch delivered to the brigade in 2018," the Defense Ministry press office said.

The T-80BVM is an upgraded version of the T-80BV tank. It has a multi-channel sight, a 125mm 2A46M1 gun and 12.7mm NSVT antiaircraft and 7.62mm PKT coaxial machineguns. The ammunition load comprises 45 gun rounds, 300 12.7mm, and 1,250 7.62mm cartridges. It also has Refleks 9K119 missiles (NATO reporting name: AT-11 Sniper). The tank is equipped with a gun stabilizer and an observation device.

The T-80BVM has an upgraded GTD-1250TF gas-turbine engine with a capacity of 1,250 hp. The tank has a maximum speed of 70 km/h (43 mph) and a fuel range of 500 kilometers (311 miles). It has better maneuverability and mobility and is equipped with devices that increase its combat effectiveness, protection level and reliability in extreme conditions. The new engine improves the tank’s running characteristics, especially in harsh Arctic conditions.


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