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Russian Army to get new radio stations.

| 2019

Effective modern combat depends on uninterrupted and sustainable control and advances high requirements for communications. Russian defence industry is designing new technical means and radio communications for the army and navy on the Russian element base, the Zvezda weekly writes.

Russian Army to get new radio stations
The R-166-0,5 radiostation of the Russian Army (Picture Source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

In 2018, communication units of the Western Military District received a major batch of modern hardware, including multimedia Redut-2US telecom complexes, the latest R-140AKSh command-staff vehicles, mobile digital R-166 radio stations, digital short and ultrashort-wave radio stations.

Defence companies also supplied to the military 15 satellite communication stations R-438 Belozer. They are 16-kg cases. The deployment time does not exceed one minute. Belozer provides voice, digital and text communications.

The new hardware can rapidly provide integrated networks and give commanders of the tactical and operational levels all types of communications (ATS and ATS-R telephony, protected videoconference, wireless high-speed transmission of digital information). Besides, the new hardware is jam-resistant and helps communication men to launch effective counteraction to electronic warfare. Modern hardware increases combat capabilities.

Polyot enterprise of Roselectronika Holding presented modern onboard electronic equipment for prospective helicopters. Experts displayed specific interest in S-404 new-generation communication complex and Aist-62 integrated antenna feeder. Both are designed for Ka-62 helicopter.

S-404 has an open architecture to expand communication capabilities without changing the hardware. It provides uninterrupted communications between pilots and ground command posts by several channels, as well as constant signal reception by emergency frequency.

Aist-62 ensures the operation of the onboard communication subsystem of Ka-62. The antennas are built into the composite dielectric skin of the helicopter and do not decrease its aerodynamic qualities. The scheme increases the effectiveness and reliability of antennas and decreases power consumption.

Communication men of the commando formation of the Southern Military District use new-generation Namotka-KS radio stations at field exercises. The transmitter provides simplex two-way telephony, telegraph and digital communications. The radio station is operated by remote control at a distance of 100 meters on relatively plain terrain. The complex also provides automatic communications by assigned time.

Portable Namotka-KS provides communications at temperatures of minus 30 to plus 50 degrees Centigrade. It surpasses predecessors by the active operation time.

In late December 2018, the Russian Defense Ministry signed a long-term contract with Sozvezdie Concern on the supply of single control systems for the tactical level of the troops. It is planned to include 11 subsystems to control electronic warfare, artillery, air defence, engineering and material provision. It will have a single information network to integrate various communications - radio relay, tropospheric and digital.

The Defense Ministry signed the contract with the company up to 2027. Sozvezdie will ensure a full life cycle of system components, the Zvezda weekly said.

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