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Russia, Saudi Arabia negotiate S-400 supplies.

| 2019

Russia and Saudi Arabia are holding additional consultations on a contract to supply Russia’s S-400 Triumf missile systems, CEO of Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport Alexander Mikheyev said at IDEX-2019 international defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi. "As for S-400, we are holding additional consultations on this project, now this contract [with Saudi Arabia] is being considered," Mikheyev said. Earlier reports said the two countries had agreed on the supplies of the S-400 air defense missile systems.

Russia Saudi Arabia negotiate S 400 supplies
5P85T2 TEL for S-400 missile system (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

The S-400 nicknamed Triumf or Triumph (NATO code: SA-21 Growler) is a long range surface-to-air missile systems produced by Almaz-Antey. The S-400 Trumph is designed to engage, ECM, radar-picket, director area, reconnaissance, strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical and theatre ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles and other current and future air attack assets at a maximum range of 400 km, and a altitude of up to 30 km. The S-400 Triumph can also intended Tomahawk cruise missiles and other types of missiles, including precision-guided ones, as well as AWACS aircraft, at ranges of up to 400 km. It can also detect stealth aircraft and other targets at all altitudes of their combat employment and at maximum ranges. This air defense missile system can simultaneously engage 36 targets.


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