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Russia, Mongolia to develop military-technical cooperation.

| 2019

Moscow is ready to develop military-technical cooperation with Ulan Bator, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said, the Defense Ministry reported. "We confirm the intention to effectively engage the accumulated potential and deepen the military and military-technical cooperation," he said at a meeting with Mongolian counterpart Nyamaagiin Enkhbold.

Russia Mongolia to develop military technical cooperation
Mongolian army (Picture source: Youtube)

"We hope for broad Mongolian participation in events held by the Russian Defense Ministry in 2019," Shoigu said. He proposed to exchange opinions on vital interaction issues in the military sphere and said the Russian-Mongolian cooperation was "developing successfully. "We have a big cooperation plan. I hope we shall discuss all issues which we began to consider with you and implement during my visit to Ulan Bator last October," Shoigu said.

Enkhbold thanked Russia for military-technical assistance and hopes for new positive impulses in cooperation development with Russia. "Our country pays specific attention to relations with Russia. This year the prime minister of Mongolia is to pay a visit to Russia. I am sure it will give an additional impulse to the bilateral relationship. I specifically hope the visit will be important for our military and military-technical cooperation," he said.

The minister thanked Shoigu for the personal contribution to cooperation between Russia and Mongolia. It is already the fifth meeting with the Russian counterpart since Enkhbold has become the defense minister of Mongolia 18 months ago.

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