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MSPO 2019: Rapid defensive solution with the Light Observation-Protective Container.

| 2019

Polish Company Zaklady Mechaniczne Tarnow presents its Light Observation-Protective Container LOOK, a rapidly deployable solution designed to create defensive systems around military bases, airfields, checkpoints or outpost. The shielded container is used to secure and protect the soldiers performing observation and defensive tasks in warfare or peacekeeping operation conditions.

Rapid defensive solution with the Light Observation Protective Container 925 001
LOOK Light Observation-Protective Container at MSPO 2019, International  Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Light Observation-Protective Container (LOOK) is intended for securing and protecting soldiers who perform surveillance and defense duties. It is designed for logistics and operational bases or other relevant strategic facilities such as controlling checkpoints, airfields, airports during peacetime as well as at war support operations.

The LOOK is resistant against small arms fire. It is equipped with bulletproof windows, a remote-controlled weapon station and multi-sensor surveillance platform. It can be a part of a military base protection system or it can operate autonomously as a single unit.

The LOOK container increases the protection level of military staff serving combat missions at military units, checkpoints and strategic warfare installations (due to its' armor and practicality of surveillance devices soldiers can detect targets through visible and infrared light). As the result - the soldier loss is decreased, and its' combat capabilities are effective in controlled areas by an integrated armament.

Each container is equipped with the following devices: monitor and observation post, control stand for the commander of the guard, firing post with control screen panel and manual manipulator, communication system, armored, bulletproof windows, manually operated hatch in the roof, heating system, air-conditioning and emergency power generator. Each container is resistant to level 2 firing - according to STANAG norm.

The LOOK container is very easy to transport, additionally, it is equipped with a hook system for loading it on a platform of a vehicle - this feature ensures quick mobility and within a few minutes the object is on the move.

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