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Military chemists participate in full-scale CBRN exercises in eastern Russia.

| 2019

About 2,000 servicemen are engaged in full-scale exercises of radiological, chemical and biological defense troops that have got underway in the Trans-Baikal and Primorye Territories and the Sakhalin region, the Eastern Military District (VVO) said.

Military chemists participate in full scale exercises in eastern Russia
Russian troops operating during a CBRN exercise (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

"A full-scale special tactical exercise involving VVO’s radiological, chemical and biological defense troops have kicked off in three far eastern regions simultaneously. About 2,000 experts and more than 500 units of military hardware have advanced to the concentration areas. The drills will take place at Tsugol range in the Trans-Baikal Territory; Turgenevskiy range in the Primorye Territory and Uspenskiy range in the Sakhalin region, VVO said.

During the drills, the servicemen will cover the troops from chemical and biological attacks of the conditional adversary who applies various types of munitions for delusion. "Special attention will be paid to using the experience of modern armed conflicts. For example, the radiological, chemical and biological defense experts will act with account taken of tactics, which is used by ‘militants’," VVO’s press service said.

Besides, the servicemen will actively use aerosol countermeasures. They will create complicated smoke and aerosol screens to camouflage military hardware, including aviation equipment, and conduct reconnaissance of a conditionally contaminated area; take water and soil samples, prepare solutions for degasification and deactivation of the personnel and military hardware trapped in the conditionally contaminated zone.

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