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Milipol Paris 2019: Seyntex Colombus the lightest and most flexible bulletproof vest.

| 2019

Belgian Company Seyntex, a global leader in the manufacturing of protective clothing and bulletproof vests presents its wide range of products during Milipol, the leading homeland security and safety exhibition held in Paris from 19 - 22 November 2019. At Milipol 2019, Seyntex showcases one of the lightest and thinnest bulletproof vest, called Colombus.

Seyntex Colombus the lightest and most flexible bulletproof vest Milipol Paris 2019 925 001
Belgian Company Seyntex presents Colombus the lightest, thinnest and most flexible bulletproof vest at Milipol Paris 2019, International Homeland Security and Safety Exhibition. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Founded in 1908, Seyntex is a 100% family-owned company with more than 100 years of industry experience. Our high-tech facilities and wealth of experience allow us to manufacture high-end textile products for a wide and varied range of sectors worldwide.

Seyntex has the necessary infrastructure and highly qualified technicians for research and development of high technology textile applications for the military sector, including own ballistic testing range. Our quality control procedures according to ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 guarantee a consistently high level of quality in all the production processes of our defence range.

Seyntex manufactures a complete range of combat clothing including field jackets, trousers, shirts and thermal liners in various fabrics, in plain colors or featuring camouflage prints. The Company also supplies a range of weatherproof clothing featuring welded or taped seams and made from various breathable fabrics.

Seyntex has 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality body armour protection systems (bullet, shrapnel, knife and spike protection). All systems are certified compliant with the following standards: UK HOSDB 2007, UK Home Office Body Armour 2017, German VPAM, US NIJ 0101.04 or NIJ 0101.06, US NIJ 0115.00 or NATO STANAG 2920.

One of the latest innovative product development of Seyntex is Columbus, a very thin, ultralight and extremely flexible bulletproof vest that makes it perfect for discrete wear underneath clothing offering protection against firing of small arms and knife attacks.

The Columbus® ballistic soft pack for bullet, fragment, knife and spike protection is the lightest, most comfortable soft pack in the world today. And that’s no surprise. Its total maximum weight (without carrier) is only 4.6kg/m². Moreover, the ultra-lightweight, ultra-flexible and ultra-thin design guarantees unmatched performance and custom fit for police officers on duty, male and female.

The unique strength of the Columbus® model is worldwide recognized. It is certified by NTS / USTL (USA), tested in Germany by Beschussamt Mellrichstadt and in The Netherlands by TNO. The Columbus® range is CE certified in Belgium by centexbel (CE 0493, CE certificate 032 / 2016 / 0107).

The Seyntex Colombus vest is already in service with the Hungarian, German, Austrian and French Police as well as the Belgian Army.

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