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Milipol paris 2019: Rheinmetall showcases comprehensive array of pyrotechnic products.

| 2019

At Milipol Paris 2019, the International Homeland Security and Safety Exhibition, German Company Rheinmetall showcases a comprehensive array of pyrotechnic products. When it comes to SWAT team-type operations, the Group’s portfolio of multi-bang grenades and improved performance flash-bang grenades with bottom-top venting (BTV) technology offers the perfect solution. They are extremely safe to handle, highly precise and very reliable.

Rheinmetall showcases a comprehensive array of pyrotechnic products 925 001
Mithras is a self-contained system fired without a flare pistol or other launch device. (Picture source Rheinmetall)

Rheinmetall has developed a wide assortment of flares for signalling and for illuminating the area of operations at night. These include the handheld Mithras, with ranges of 300, 600 and 1,000 metres, with versions available for the visible and infrared sector.

Pyrotechnics can help friendly forces and law enforcement agencies to deal with unruly demonstrators and violent offenders during crowd and riot control operations, enabling them to respond to threats swiftly in a non-lethal manner, from a safe standoff and without risk of injury to either side. Rheinmetall has developed several highly effective irritant devices based on the submunition concept, which eject small loads of irritant submunitions from a single projectile. This assures fast, effective dispersion of irritants without causing injuries. Moreover, unlike with conventional tear gas canisters, there is no risk of them being thrown back.

Rheinmetall has the right irritant device for every scenario, with ranges and effects varying in accordance with the tactical requirements of different user groups, e.g. police or military. Among other items, the company’s crowd and riot control product line includes irritant grenades, irritant launchers, irritant cartridges and 4-bang "warning shot" cartridges.

Rheinmetall also offers a diverse array of fast-acting, high-performance illumination and signaling devices for every conceivable military and law enforcement scenario in both the visual and infrared spectrum. Available in a variety of colors, signal smoke grenades also figure prominently in our portfolio.

High reliability and safety are designed into every Rheinmetall illumination and signaling device. Steady improvements in effectiveness, reliability and handling safety also accompanied development of the new MITHRAS handheld rocket family, which produces several effects while using a common, newly designed ignition mechanism.

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