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LAAD 2019: Otokar showcases its latest offerings.

| 2019

Otokar, a leading supplier of the Turkish Military and Security Forces for wheeled tactical vehicles, is showcasing its latest offerings at the LAAD Defence & Security Exhibition, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

LAAD 2019 Otokar showcases its latest offerings
The Cobra II armoured vehicle (Picture Source : Otokar)

Otokar, a Koc Group Company, whose military vehicles are in service of almost 55 different end users in five continents, will promote its own design and production military vehicles as well as turret systems and provide information about the capabilities of its land systems, said a company statement.

Pointing out Otokar’s success in export markets with its own design military vehicles, Serdar Görgüç, Otokar general manager, said: “Our company continues to strengthen its position in the international defence industry with its technological superiority, engineering power, design capabilities and over 30 years of experience in military vehicles.”

“Today, more than 30,000 military vehicles designed to meet user expectations and needs against present day and future threats are actively used in several different missions in various regions. We aim to increase our presence in Latin America and LAAD exhibition is a good opportunity for us to get together with our potential clients,” he added.

Serdar Görgüç underlined that Otokar, as a registered Nato and United Nations supplier, is ready to manufacture the best vehicles in line with the needs in Latin America.

He said: “We have been able to gain significant experience about responding to the needs and expectations of this region through the military vehicles currently serving here. In addition to promoting our wide product range during the exhibition, we will also look for opportunities to establish industrial cooperation to localise the support of Otokar vehicles in the region.”

“We are also willing to evaluate transfer of technology and local manufacturing projects where Otokar has a well-established and proven track record,” he added.

Otokar stands apart with its expertise in the design, development and system integration of all kinds of vehicles and platforms in the field of land vehicles for the defence industry. Otokar designs and manufactures a wide range of tactical armoured vehicles including 4x4 URAL, Cobra, Cobra II, Kaya II, ISV, Arma 6x6 and Arma 8x8.

Otokar products are recognised for their survivability, superior tactical and technical features and high ballistic and mine protection. Otokar’s combat proven wheeled vehicles serve in challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions, and demonstrated their performance in various theatre of operations.

Otokar’s Tulpar tracked armoured vehicle family is designed as a multi-purpose vehicle platform with its significant ballistic and mine protection and superior firepower to support new generation main battle tanks in battlefield and also for providing fire support for infantry.

Tulpar’s high power to weight ratio, all-terrain high-performance suspension and automatic track tensioning system offer superior mobility in diverse terrain and climatic conditions. Tulpar’s superior features and modular design allows it to be configured for multiple roles and missions.

Tulpar Light Tank which is a part of the family is integrated with 105 mm weapon system and provides a state-of-the-art solution with high firepower.

With the expansion of its vehicle family, Otokar turned its focus on turret and weapon station developments. With almost 30 years of knowledge and expertise in turret systems design and integration, Otokar developed Mizark, Bozok, Basok, Ucok and Keskin remote controlled turrets ranging from 7.62 mm to 30 mm. With its high-performance, high-tech turret systems, Otokar aims to strengthen its platforms and gain competitive advantage in the world, it stated.

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