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ISDEF 2019: DSRaider presents new electric-powered 4x4 all-terrain vehicle EZRaider.

| 2019

At ISDEF 2019, International Defense and Security Exhibition in Israel, the Israeli Company DSRaider presents its EZRaider, a new high mobility 4x4 all-terrain vehicle. A state-of-the-art vehicle with an Electric-powered Mobility Platform that creates a new category in all-terrain riding, allows the user complete control with minimum training.

DSRaider presents new electric powered 4x4 all terrain vehicle EZRaider ISDEF 2019 Israel 925 001
EZRaider electric-powered 4x4 all-terrain vehicle (Picture source DSRaider)

The EZRaider is a small 4x4 wheel-drive All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) powered by an electric motor. The EZRaider can carry up to two people in a seated or standing position. The 4x4 version weighs only 135 kg. It includes a 60V/3000W-hr battery and four powerful hub motors of 1200W each. With a single charge, it can reach a maximum range of 80 km. It can run at a maximum speed of 50 km/h.

According to a video released on YouTube, the EZRaider will be used in Israel by the border security units. The simple and unique design allows for easy ongoing maintenance. The EZ Raider can be used by military or security forces to perform patrol in all-terrain conditions. According to the online magazine IsraelDefense, the Israeli Police has already purchase EZraider vehicles and trailers

The heavy-duty 4x4 version of the EZRaider has an impressive ability to carry heavy weights even in extreme conditions such as deep sand and rocky terrain. The driving range of this vehicle is the longest in the category and the range reaches up to 80 km on one charge.

A trailer can be connected with a dedicated connection to the EZRaider. The trailer is used to carry equipment, transport goods, evacuate wounded and many more. This trailer can carry weight up to 150 kg. An electric trailer can be also connected to the EZRaider with its own independent electric motor, battery and controllers. This trailer serves as a power multiplier and extends the driving range of the vehicle. This trailer can carry loads of up to 250 kg.

DSRaider presents new electric powered 4x4 all terrain vehicle EZRaider ISDEF 2019 Israel 925 002
The EZRaider can tow a trailer or an electric trailer (Picture source DSRaider)

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