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IDEX 2019: Shenzhen Keweitai displays UAV advantages.

| 2019

Shenzhen Keweitai displays UAV advantages for frontier defense use, among them citing quick maneuvering reaction, best detection view, avoid casualities, low cost.

IDEX 2019 Shenzhen Keweitai displays UAV advantages
Shenzhen Keweitai displays UAVs at IDEX 2019 (Picture source : Army Recognition)

Regarding the maneuvering, UAV quick maneuvering reaction feature mainly reflects in its low demand for landing site. It takes off/lands flexibly on the ground, tall building roof, the boat deck and so on without professional airport, which lays the foundation for the drone quick maneuvering reaction. On the contrary, the Manned Vehicle has high demand for the runway, requiring the take-off and running distance more than 1km with the airport usually built in the remote suburb area. Compared with the Manned Vehicle, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) offers great convenience and flexibility for the police in law enforcement without any time or space limit.

As for the detection view, UAV image features for high definition, large scale, small area. As the air remote sensing platform, the drone gathers the ground color, infrared and black and white image data on the ground through HD camera. After the post process of the image information, bring out a new application technology integrated remote sensing, remote control, remote surveying and computer technology. The drone makes a timely record of the situation development inside the monitoring area from the best view angle, offering a real-time and effective information for ground commander. The information from the drone also serves as the most powerful evidence for later treatment.

As for the casualties, Zero personnel casuality is one of the biggest characteristics of drone police activity. During the violent confrontation with gangsters, it is risk-free to learn about such important information as the specific place of gangsters, personnel numbers, weapons and so on by using the drone for related zone surveillance. What is more, it is no need to worry about the harmful gas damage to the pilots when using the drone for site surveying on poisonous gas leakage area, fire, natural disaster rescue site.

And as for the lowering of costs, we know that Manned Vehicles cost a lot. Its fuel consumption and pilot training are also a huge cost.On the contrast, the cost of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is much less. UAV undertakes the basic mission tasks of air spy and video real time transmission and so on.


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