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IDEX 2019: Land-based TC-2 air defense missile system by NCSIST.

| 2019

National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) from Taiwan participates once again in the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX). This time, NCSIST deliberately selects 25 exhibition items to reach out to the Eurasian area in the hope of attracting the attention of worldwide competitors and potential partners.

IDEX 2019 Land based TC 2 air defense missile system by NCSIST
 Model of the Land-based TC-2 air defense missile system at the NCSIST stand, IDEX 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Are presented various types of unmanned aerial vehicles and related systems, which are derived from the capabilities NCSIST achieved in the development of indigenous fighters, trainers, and advanced trainers. Also, naval applications, materials and electro-optical systems and subsystems developed from relevant core technologies, missiles and rockets.

Amongst them, the land-based TC-2 air defense missile system, comprising Target Acquisition Radar, Command and Control Center and Surface-launching systems. The system uses wired and/or wireless communication and is controlled by the Command and Control Center. NCSIST has independently developed the interface of fire and control systems, which easily integrated with the current Target Acquisition Resources to complete the TC-2 system providing air defense for the important assets and battlefield actions.

With its length of 4 meters and a weight of 350kg (with canister), it has an effective range up to 15km. It features a midcourse inertial guidance with data link and terminal active radar guidance and electronic counter-countermeasure (EECM) and protection. It comes in pack of 4 boxing missiles for fast loading and has single shoot and ripple shoot capabilities on mission requirements.


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