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IDEF 2019: New OTOKAR Ural SOV 4x4 Special Operations Vehicle.

| 2019

Turkish Company OTOKAR unveils its new Ural 4x4 SOV (Special Operations Vehicle) during IDEF 2019, the International Defense Exhibition that was held in Istanbul, Turkey from April 30, 2019, to May 3, 2019. The URAL is a 4x4 armored vehicle specially designed to be used by police, law enforcement and paramilitary forces.

New OTOKAR Ural SOV 4x4 Special Operations Vehicle IDEF 2019 defense exhibition Turkey 925 001
New OTOKAR Ural 4x4 SOV Special Operations Vehicle at IDEF 2019, defense exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. May 2, 2019. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The URAL Special Operations Vehicle (SOV), a new variant of the versatile modular URAL 4x4 armored platform, was launched and showed for the first time to the public during IDEF 2019.

The URAL platform, a unique product of OTOKAR's innovative approach, is designed to meet the need for 4x4 armored or non-armored tactical vehicles of different users with a versatile and modular solution. With its modular structure and dimensions, the URAL platform can be easily adapted to the equipment, weapon systems and configurations required by different missions and versions customized to client requests are currently used in numerous domestic and foreign missions.

Designed for the needs of military units and other security forces engaged in special operations, the URAL Special Operations Vehicle delivers superior mobility as well as high ballistic, mine and side ballistic protection for its crew, thanks to the armored semi-body, base and firewall.

The URAL SOV has a capacity of carrying 5 personnel including the commander and driver while ensuring high tactical mobility performance in the most challenging terrain and climatic conditions. The vehicle can be equipped with 12.7mm weapons on the roof and 7.62mm weapons in the front and rear, offering an ideal solution for conducting reconnaissance and stealthy military operations.


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