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IDEF 2019: Çukurova Defence displays 4x4x4 armored backhoe loader.

| 2019

The Turkish company Çukurova Defence is present at IDEF 2019 (Istanbul)  to showcase its 4x4x4 armored backhoe loader. (4x4x4 means four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering)

IDEF 2019 Çukurova Defence displays 4x4x4 armored backhoe loader
Çukurova Defence's armored backhoe loader (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Cukurova Makina, a leading Turkish earth moving equipment manufacturer, part of one of the largest multinational conglomerates in Turkey called Cukurova Holdings. The group owns 154 companies and generates in excess of USD 2.1 Billion turnover through its majority owned companies; ranging from automotive, defence, construction, energy, communication, technology, media, transportation to financial services.

Cukurova Makina was founded in 1968 to manufacture agricultural tractors under a licensing agreement with John Deere and produced 26,250 units of various agricultural machinery in the next 10 years . In 1986 the company started manufacturing earth moving and industrial machines under its own brand .

The extensive engineering and manufacturing knowledge enabled Cukurova Makina to increase its capacity the to produce 2,000 units per year in its manufacturing facilities in Tarsus, located in South of Turkey. Today the Cukurova product range offers wide range of solutions to its customer base including Excavators, Backhoe Loaders, Wheel Loaders and Forklift Trucks. The company invested heavily in cutting edge technologies and incorporated world renowned components to achieve its high quality yet competitive product range.

Mine protection was emphasized for preliminary design of Çukurova Armoured Backhoe loaders.The seats are specially designed for absorbing the effect of mines and secure the life safety of crew .In this addition to stell armoured ,as secondary protection composite floor material helps for absorbing blast effect of mines. Çukurova Armoured Backhoe Loaders are protected against to armor piercing (A/P) bullets of infantry rifles.

Çukurova Armoured Backhoe Loaders are equipped with RTF which are designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, and to enable machines to continue to be driven at reduced speeds 15 km/h.

ENGINE : Cummins Brand, 220 HP / 6 cylinder
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Variable displacement axial piston pump
STEERING: Power ass mechanism front steering nd synchronised hydrostatic rear steering, 2 WS, 4WS and Crab modes selection
RUNFLAT TYRES AND RIMS : Equipped with RTF which are designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, and to enable machines to be driven at reduced speed 15 km/h
LOADER BUCKET CAPACITY : Between 1.1 m3 and 1.3 m3 multipurpose buckets.
BACKHOE PERFORMANCE : Digging depth 4200 mm
CONTROLS: All controls Hydraulic Joysticks, Automatic return to dig.

Bulletproof Cameras
Gas Protection
Automatic fire control system
Two way radi system
Emergency exit

SUSPENSION: Hydropneumatic Suspension System ( HPSS )
PROTECTION LEVEL: BR6-BR7 ( Cabin- Engine compart )
OPTIONS: Tarret, Camera/Communication, Remote Control System, Mines Protection (Ops.), different size buckets, hammer, auger attachement, Safety check valves, fork attachements, Hydraulic Quick Change Attachements, Snow Balde, Armored platform,CTIS
MAX TRAVEL SPEED : 78,5 km/h

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