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ExpoDefensa 2019: More than 130 exhibitors from the Defense and Security Industry.

| 2019

ExpoDefensa 2019 is an International tri-service security and defense exhibition that will take place in Bogota, Colombia from 2 to 4 December 2019 will present the latest military technologies and innovations to respond to the new needs of Armed Forces and Security forces of Latin American and Caribbean countries. More than 130 companies from the Defense and Security sectors will attend ExpoDefensa 2019. Visit the list of ExpoDefensa 2019 exhibitors at this link.

More than 130 exhibitors from the Defense and Security Industry ExpoDefensa 2019 925 001
ExpoDefensa 2019, Tri-Service Defense and Security exhibition that will take place in Bogota, Colombia from 2 to 4 December 2019. (Picture source ExpoDefensa 2019)

Since its inception, Expodefensa is positioning itself as the leading Security and Defense event for Latin America and the Caribbean. Supported by the Ministry of Defense of Colombia, Expodefensa is organized by the Colombian Ministry of Defense, Codaltec, Corferias, and COGES International.

For the edition 2019 of ExpoDefensa, international exhibitors and subcontractors from all over the world will present a wide range of proven high-tech defense and security products and cost-effective solutions adapted to the regional
requirements of the military and security units. They will exhibit alongside the Colombian armed forces and military industry, which are currently undergoing significant development.

Among the exhibited equipment and systems, Expodefensa presents UAVs, bulletproof clothing, optronic, communication, and cyber solutions, equipment and systems for naval, police and emergency sectors, logistics and maintenance and many others.

Expodefensa 2019 welcomes official delegations, Security and Defense forces, manufacturers and trade visitors looking for business opportunities from Latin America and the Caribbean. Over 12,000 professional visitors and more than 70 Official Delegations are expected.

The trade fair is a great opportunity to develop network and business, to communicate with direct and potential clients, to reinforce international corporate identity and increase visibility on dynamic Colombian and Latin American markets.

Expodefensa is a unique event for all the Security and Defense business players who have interests in Latin American and the Caribbean military and security market. It's also an opportunity to discover, understand, meet and discuss the needs of military and security forces of the region.

Visit the list of Exhibitors ExpoDefensa 2019 at this link.

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