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Enforce Tac 2019: WARQ unveils high-tech helmet for security and special forces.

| 2019

At Enforce Tac 2019, the Belgian company WARQ demonstrated its ambition to revolutionize the world of training protection’s equipment for special forces and security forces. Its high-tech helmets show specifications particularly demanded among its targeted clients.

WARQ helmet 001
WARQ helmet variants (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Belgian company is not a newcomer in the world of security equipment. At Enforce Tac 2019, it chose to boost its main product: designed together with training experts and armed forces suppliers, WARQ helmets combine technology, design and durability, i.e; 1st full face helmet approved EN166A, EN166B and CE, developed to offer complete protection and zero steam guarantee.

WARQ’s bifocal thermal screen guarantees zero fog and provides a large field of vision. It benefits from the latest generations of anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments. No washing is necessary, even during intensive use. The screen offers optimum visibility and protection against all usual injuries, without being bulletproof, though. The screen is available in different colors: transparent, yellow, khaki. Other colors will be soon available.

The helmet ventilation is specifically designed to improve breathability and avoid condensation or fogging. Firstly, the screen-to-face distance is optimized to prevent facial sweating from increasing humidity inside the helmet. Secondly, the helmet is equipped with a wide grid and side fins, maximizing natural air flow convection and body heat exhaust.

Security is a priority for WARQ. For this reason, the ballistic and mechanical resistance of the helmet meets the European Norm EN166A. It is also compliant with fall, shock and marbles shot standards.

Compatible with a usual PTT connector, the WARQ headset mounts on the left or right inside the helmet. It is designed to not push against the ear, enabling the bearer to stay focus on his environment whilst speaking with his team. Comfort and sound quality are the strengths of this headset.

The Picatinny rail and NVG mount ensure compatibility between the helmet with a wide range of accessories.

Very lightweight, the helmet is specifically designed to perfectly fit your head morphology. A liner kit ensures optimum comfort, even after several hours of intense combats. The helmet is also furnished with high-quality foams for a personal head adjustment.

Based in Charleroi, Belgium, WARQ’s long term objective is to dedicate a large part of its resources to R&D and to integrate new technologies to its developments by setting up constructive partnerships, such as in virtual reality for instance.

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