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Eitan 8x8 wheeled IFV will be fitted with Iron Fist active protection system.

| 2019

Israeli Company Elbit Systems announces that following a competitive bid, the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) selected Iron Fist Light Decoupled (IFLD), the Company’s Active Protection System (APS), for the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) Eitan new eight-wheeled Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) and the D-9 Bulldozer.

Eitan 8x8 wheeled IFV will be fited with Iron Fist active protection system 925 001
Eitan 8x8 wheeled IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle fitted with Elbit Systems Iron Fist Light Decoupled active protection system. (Picture source Elbit Systems)

The selection of the IFLD (Iron Fist Light Decoupled) for the IDF’s Eitan AFV comes on the heels of the decision by the U.S. Army to proceed with the IFLD for the Bradley AFV.

IFLD uses independent optical sensors, tracking radar, launchers and countermeasure munitions to defeat threats at a safe distance from the defended combat vehicles. The system provides 360-degree protection coverage for close-range scenarios in both open terrain and urban environments. Its low size and weight, versatile high-performance, negligible residual penetration and ease of integration position IFLD as an optimal active protection solution for any fighting vehicle.

Yehuda (Udi) Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems Land Division, said: “We are proud to have been selected by the IMOD to provide the IDF with such an important operational capability. The decision of the IMOD to prefer IFLD adds to the growing interest in this APS by many modern armed forces who seek to enhance protection capabilities for their AFVs.”

The Eitan is an Israeli-made 8x8 armored vehicle personnel carrier which was unveiled on August 2016 by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The vehicle is designed to replace the old fleet of M113 tracked armored personnel carrier in service with the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) since several years.

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