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Baltic Fleet receives Tor-M2 missile air defense systems.

| 2019

The latest Tor-M2 air defense systems were supplied to the antiaircraft missile regiment of the army corps of the Baltic Fleet, the Defense Ministry said. "Tor-M2s were delivered to the unit after successful live-fire drills at a range in Astrakhan region," it said.

Baltic Fleet receives Tor M2 missile air defense systems
Tor-M2 missile air defense system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The personnel was retrained to operate the weapons in Yeisk and trained the first launches at Kapustin Yar range. They destroyed several high-speed maneuvering Saman targets launched from various directions at minimal and maximum altitudes. All targets were destroyed. The exercise engaged close to 200 men and over 20 units of hardware.

Tor-M2 has a range of 15 km and is designed to fight air-to-surface missiles, guided and smart air bombs, antiradar missiles and other precision weapons of a new generation, aircraft and helicopters, cruise missiles and drones. The modification is distinguished by a twice bigger round of munitions with 16 latest guided 9M338K missiles with an increased hit area, higher precision and smaller size. The launch interval from one vehicle comprises two seconds. Thus, a Tor-M2 battery can repel a massive attack of modern air weapons.


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