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Welp Armouring showcases new emergency vehicles at Enforce Tac 2018.

| 2018

At the Enforce Tac, the international trade fair for law enforcement, Welp Armouring displays two protected emergency vehicles: The first armoured Mercedes Benz Sprinter F-MSC ambulance and the F2-TLC 900 specially protected police vehicle based on a Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Welp Armoring Enforce TAC 2018 925 001
The Welp Armouring stand at Enforce TAC

The armoured Mercedes Benz Sprinter F-MSC ambulance is one of the latest vehicle developped by Welp Armouring. The outside of a normal Sprinter, inside a fully equipped ambulance, in between an amour according to VR6 / BRV 2009, which makes it one of the best-protected emergency vehicles in its class. At the GPEC in Frankfurt, Welp Armouring presented the armoured Mercedes-Benz Sprinter F-MSC ambulance for the first time - with success: The black van, developed and equipped in cooperation with WAS and Senger Rent. The special ambulance is armoured in the patient room with a steel cage of protection class VR6. In the ceiling, floor and side walls 5 mm thick steel plates are incorporated, which withstand, for example, attacks by an assault rifle (AK-47).

So far Welp Armouring has armoured its F-MSC for use as a passenger transporter, delivery vehicle, value transporter or troop transport. The list of individual configuration options is long, and the vehicle can be built up to the highest protection class (VR9) depending on the planned application. As always with Welp Armouring, the protection concept is based on a modular design and is completely designed as a screw armour variant. Vehicles such as the F-MSC ambulance do not attract undue attention, as the effective armour is not visible from the outside. At the GPEC, the black transporter with these characteristics quickly became one of the absolute highlights of the trade fair. Another stood only a few feet away.

In addition to the Sprinter, Welp Armouring presented a second prototype at the show: The protected police vehicle F2-TLC 900 on Toyota Land Cruiser 200 base has passed all impact and fire tests according to STANAG level 4569 in time for the GPEC. Thanks to the hot-formed wheel arch shell, the F2-TLC 900 withstands the impact of a six-kilogram landmine on the front wheel (level 2a), as well as the hand grenade Seitenansprengung (test guideline ERV2010). It fulfils all standards of protection class VR9. Governments, embassies, aid agencies and special forces commands worldwide already favour the F2 TLC, which is available in protection classes VR7 and VR9. Again, the special protection vehicle can not to be distinguished from the production model, making the armoured Toyota Land Cruiser interesting as a police vehicle in vulnerable areas.


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