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Russia: Tecmash to present project of advanced multiple rocket launcher.

| 2018

Russia’s Tecmash defense enterprise (part of the Rostec state corporation) is about to present its project of an advanced small-caliber multiple launch rocket system, Tecmash Deputy Director General Alexander Kochkin has told TASS. "We have drafted a blueprint of this system and will submit this proposal to the Defense Ministry soon," he said.

Russia Tecmash to present project of advanced multiple rocket launcher

The official added that Tecmash is now seeking other possible partners in the project. According to earlier reports, Tecmash plans to create a robotized small-caliber multiple launch rocket system to be used by special forces, naval infantry and airborne troops. The system is intended to destroy targets on the ground and in the air, including helicopters and drones, at the distance of 1.5-2 kilometers and the altitude of below one kilometer.

The yet unnamed system, featuring the possibility of remote control, will use both special projectiles and unguided 50-80-millimeter rockets that are already in service with the Russian Armed Forces.


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