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Russia's 2S41 82mm 4x4 self-propelled mortar makes first appearance abroad.

| 2018

Burevestnik, a subsidiary of the Russian military vehicles manufacturer UralVagonZavod (UVZ), is promoting for the first time the 2S41 Drok 4x4 82 mm mortar carrier system abroad, during KADEX 2018. The 2S41 concept was first unveiled in December 2016 during a defense exhibition.

UVZ 2S40 mortar carrier KADEX 2018
A scale model of the 2S41 82 mm mortar carrier vehicle at KADEX 2018

According to UVZ, the 2S41 mortar carrier has been designed to provide "engagement of enemy personnel and firing assets and unarmored/soft-skin vehicles". The vehicle can also "blind the enemy, smoking its observation posts and firing assets, laying smoke-screens, terrain illumination".

Its main armament consists of one turret-mounted 82 mm 2B27 breech-loaded mortar and one 82 mm 2B24 portable mortar deployed by the crew. If the lack of details regarding the 2B27 mortar indicates an on-going development, the 2B24 is already in service with the Russian Armed Forces. The 2B24 is capable of effectively and timely carrying out its fire missions through increased power of the bomb, a high rate of fire, low weight and the possibility for quickly disassembling the weapon, says UVZ. It is capable of engaging ennemy targets at a maximum range of 6 km with a rate of fire of up to 20 rounds per minute. The crew only needs 30 seconds to change over from travelling to firing position and vice versa.

Once developed, it will equip artillery batteries in motor rifles bataillons, and assault or air bataillons of Russian Air Assault Forces, UVZ Adds.

Close protection of the vehicule is provided by a one unmanned 7.62mm turret and four sets of three smoke-grenade launchers mounted on each side of the mortar turret.

The 2S41 is based on the K4386 4x4 armoured vehicle, which was developed for the Russian airborne troops.armoured vehicle designed and manufactured by the Russian Defense Companies JSC “Plant of special vehicles” and Kamaz. The engine is at the front of the vehicle with the crew members being seated in the centre. There is one single door on each side of the vehicle with one small bulletproof window in the upper part and two large windows at the front as bulletproof windscreen.


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