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Putin says maneuvers like Vostok 2018 to take place regularly.

| 2018

President Putin visited Vostok-2018 maneuvers and said they were held successfully. "The active stage of the maneuvers is ending today at Tsugol range in Transbaikalia. It was held at a high level. All units and formations accomplished their missions. All of them demonstrated military skills and ability to successfully counter potential military threats," he said.

Putin says maneuvers like Vostok 2018 to take place regularly
Russian President Vladimir Putin observing the main stage of the Vostok 2018 military exercises (Picture source: Alexei Nikolsky/Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/TASS)

The president noted the maneuvers were the first large-scale exam for the army and the navy and engaged close to 300,000 servicemen, dozens of thousands of weapons and hardware units. "Key components of combat readiness are checked in detail: command bodies, units and formations, as well, as their interaction and cohesion," Putin said. He expressed specific gratitude to China and Mongolia for participation in the maneuvers. "Our combat brotherhood has long-standing and solid traditions," the president said adding the armies of the three countries ensure stability and security in Eurasia.

The president said Russia will continue to strengthen its armed forces so that they are able to defend the sovereignty of the country and support allies. "It is our duty to our country and homeland to be ready to defend its sovereignty, security and national interests, and if necessary - to support the allies," Putin said. "Therefore, we will continue to strengthen our armed forces, equip them with the latest weapons and technologies, to develop international military cooperation," he added.

"Russia is a peace-loving country, we do not and cannot have aggressive plans. Our foreign policy aims at creative cooperation with all countries which are interested in it," Putin said adding it is a reason for the presence of 87 observers from 59 countries at the maneuvers. "I welcome them all," he said.

The Vostok-2018 maneuvers, the largest in Russia’s modern history, are being held in the territories and offshore areas of Russia’s far eastern regions and the adjacent Pacific Ocean waters on September 11-17 under the supervision of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. They engaged 300,000 troops, over 1,000 aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, up to 36,000 tanks, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles, up to 80 ships and supply vessels.


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