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Nexter pitching Titus and VBCI armored vehicles in Bulgaria.

| 2018

A leader in land combat systems, Nexter, a KNDS group company, was highlighting the VBCI, a "combat proven" reference for armored vehicles, equipped with the T40 turret, to the Bulgarian army at the HEMUS 2018 defense show, which took place from May 30 to June 2 in Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

Stand 3
Nexter's VBCI 8x8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Titus 6x6 Multirole Armored Vehicle at HEMUS 2018
(Credit: Nexter Systems) 

The VBCI has proven its effectiveness in many theaters of operations (Mali, Afghanistan and Central African Republic), confirming the expertise of Nexter engineers in the performance and robustness of vehicles. Opinions coming from soldiers that used it on combat missions are unanimously positive. Available in different versions, the VBCI is a "combat proven" reference on the 8x8 market, with more than 630 vehicles in service. The VBCI is the perfect IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) for any modern army.

The 40mm CTA gun fitted in its armed turret, has already seduced many modern armies (Uk, France, and others ...). Combined with a new generation vetronics, this turret combines performance, compactness and robustness. Thanks to this weapon and its ammunition, this turret can counter in one blow a range of threats a caliber of 30mm can't deal with.

Nexter was also exhibiting its TITUS, a 6x6 off-road vehicle designed for both armed and security forces (TITUS Homeland Security version), and critical for dealing with new and evolving threats. Resulting from a cooperation between Nexter and a Central European manufacturer, the TITUS combines the best of Nexter technologies, in orderd to perform all types of missions (urban guerrillas, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency and public area surveillance ). The TITUS has a large carrying capacity and an excellent level of protection, far superior to any 4x4 vehicle.

Aware of budget constraints of all governments, Nexter products are defined and manufactured with the aim of having a very low LCC (Life Cycle Cost, including purchase, maintenance, use and terminal performance) compared to other rival platforms.


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