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MSPO 2018: WB Group Rolls Out WARMATE 2 Loitering Munition System.

| 2018

At MSPO 2018, the International Defence Industry Exhibition held in Kielce, Poland, local company WB Group launched its WARMATE 2 Loitering Munition System.

MSPO 2018 WB Group Rolls Out WARMATE 2 Loitering Munition System
WARMATE 2 on WB Group stand at MSPO 2018

WARMATE 2 Loitering Munition System, a new member of WB GROUP's loitering munitions systems family– WARMATE. The much bigger and mightier WARMATE 2 adds more impact power and longer flight endurance to the precision and swiftness of WARMATE. WARMATE 2 is designed to be integrated with ground assets, optimizing eyes-on-target and command and control operations for ground vehicles, all additional equipment for transportation, launch and communications devices.

The key advantages of the systems offered by WB GROUP are modularity and scalability. These advantages allows the Company to build various configurations that connect all WB GROUP's products and functions, creating fully integrated hardware and software solutins enhancing situational awareness in the military and civil sectors, that provides support in strategy, mission planning & preparation.

WARMATE 2 was live tested in the UAE in Ferbuary from a NIMR vehicle. Tawazun is partnering with WB Group for this project.

The loitering munition has a range of 20 Km with a flight endurance of 120 minutes. It can be fitted with four different warheads (HE, FAE, HEAT, HEAT TR). Warhead weight is 4,8 Kg.

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