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MSPO 2018: Raytheon showcases a wide range of its products.

| 2018

This year's Kielce MSPO is where Raytheon focuses on the three main areas of its cooperation with Poland: Poland’s future defence partnership, cooperation with Polish industry and partnership with the local communities.

raytheon showcases wide range products mspo 2018

The most significant solutions showcased by Raytheon at the expo:

Patriot™ - Poland and 15 other countries have entrusted the anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence mission to the combat-tested Patriot system. Not only Poland, but also Sweden and Romania have joined the Patriot fellowship last year. Now Switzerland is also considering the possibility to acquire the Patriot system. Recently, Raytheon has also announced the launch of work on its all-around omni-directional Patriot radar based on gallium nitride technology.

SkyCeptor™ - which is based on the Stunner, already in service. The SkyCeptor missile can eliminate 92% of ballistic missiles which pose a global threat. The missile can be possibly produced in Poland in up to 50%.

ELCAN Specter® DR - an optical sight used by the US special forces command and the British Ministry and NATO countries’ forces. It increases soldiers safety owing to the ability of dual view switching with the throw of a lever. - The two have been combined into a single sight unit.

The Multimedia Monitoring System M3S is designed to process various types of media available in many languages, such as online media, traditional media, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook videos as well as structured information that can then be browsed, searched and shared. Raytheon also cooperates with the with Copernicus Science Centere in Warsaw as the sole partner of FabLearn Lab, Poland’s first educational workshops. Visitors can design and manufacture their own models with the used of digital production devices, such as 3D printers, plotters, digital cutters and hand tools. Raytheon is also the exclusive sponsor of the centre’s of popular robotics workshops.

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