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MSPO 2018: Polish grenade launcher from Belma unveiled.

| 2018

The Polish company Belma defines its original model of WWG grenade launcher as a Controlled Area Protection System. Eight grenades are available to clear a circumference following what the manufacturer calls a Man-in-the-loop (MITL) mode, after the system has detected a threat. It works like a full-circumference antipersonnel mine.

MSPO 2018 Polish grenade launcher from Belma
Belma's WWG grenade launcher (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Once the system or any other control means has detected a threat in the vicinity of the WWG, the remotely located operator has to confirm that threat and then actuate the launching of one grenade or more in the needed direction(s). More grenades – if not all eight ones – might be launched at the same time, should the threat require so. Therefore, this system appears to be unique in its kind, as the angle of threats it will treat is selected by the operator, reaching 360° if necessary.

Usually, antipersonnel mines either protect an area from threats coming from a limited angle, or explode and propel schrapnels all around. Belma’s WWG grenade launcher offers more options. The manufacturer markets it as an ideal means of protecting an area which can be threatened from any direction, not only a foreseen angle for an enemy progression.


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