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Larsen & Toubro with Nexter showcase artillery systems at DefExpo 2018.

| 2018

Larsen & Toubro (L&T), Indian multinational engineering conglomerate and French Company Nexter (NS) showcase their capabilities in artillery systems at the Defexpo 2018, India’s premier land, naval & internal homeland security systems exhibition at Chennai.

Larsen and Toubro with Nexter showcase artillery systems at DefExpo 2018 925 001
Firing test with the Trajan 155mm towed gun (Picture source Nexter Systems)

Since 2011, the L&T-Nexter consortium has been working to provide an effective solution to Indian army’s needs and is building the partnership around one of the main Indian artillery programs, the Towed Gun System (TGS).

The Consortium-developed TRAJAN®, with its 155 mm 52 Caliber cannon, was evaluated by the Indian Army, which conducted extensive firing and mobility trials in rigorous climatic conditions and on several types of terrains. It is noteworthy, that the TRAJAN® deploys the combat-proven artillery ordnance used by the French Army and other armed forces in the world. In line with the ‘Make in India’ vision, 40 per cent of TRAJAN® Towed Gun system was produced in India as of the prototype stage.

The TRAJAN® offers enhanced firepower through quicker response, longer range and improved accuracy. It covers larger areas with fewer guns and enables maneuverability and quick reaction time while ensuring safety. Furthermore, in the context of Mounted Gun System (MGS) program, Gilles Sarreau, Director of Systems and Programs at Nexter states “that the group is in position to satisfy the Indian army’s needs because our products are industrially matured and «Combat Proven». Nexter partnership with L&T offers the possibility to propose a « Make in India» product. In addition, this solution has continuity with TGS since MGS shares the same gun as TGS”.

The Trajan is a 155mm 52 caliber towed gun artillery system designed and manufactured by the French Company Nexter Systems. The Trajan TRAJAN® is an accurate and powerful 155mm caliber towed gun system able to support any mechanized and armored unit. The TRAJAN® system can be put into action in less than 1'30". The gun is served by a six-man crew and is very much facilitated by automation of operations for putting it into or taking it out of action, for aiming and by an automatic loading of shells.

The Trajan towed gun is based on the CAESAR® 155mm / 52 caliber gun into a modern towed gun system fitted with a firing control system, automated implementation such as in/out of action, laying and ammunition handling and loading in order the crew can performed sustained firings with limited efforts. The Trajan has a range from 4.5 km to 42 km with an ERFB ( Extended Range Full Bore) and even 55 km through the use of rocket-assisted projectile (VLAP Velocity-enhanced Long-range Artillery Projectile).


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