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Iranian Special Airborne Force offers to share experience with China.

| 2018

General Amanollahi made the remarks in Tehran on 4 July, addressing a ceremony with a delegation of young and veteran officers from the Chinese defense ministry. "Brigade 65 of Nohed is ready to exchange its experiences and have constructive interactions with China's special forces" after the approval of high-ranking officials of both countries, he underlined.

Iranian Special Airborne Force offers to share experience with China
Iranian airborne force (Picture source: IRNA)

General Amanollahi said that Nohed holds training courses in different fields, including military mountain climbing, diving, sailing, shooting, hostage release, motorcycling, and operation in deserts and forests.

In relevant remarks last year, Chinese Ambassador to Tehran Pang Sen underlined anti-terrorism cooperation with Iran, adding that the two countries had strengthened their military cooperation and exchanges. "The military exchanges between China and Iran are increasing day by day," Pang told reporters in a press conference in Tehran. Stressing that Tehran and Beijing permanently hold talks and consultations on the fight against terrorism, he said, "China opposes any type of terrorism and is willing to bolster its cooperation with Iran and other countries (in anti-terrorism campaign) to jointly maintain regional and global peace and stability."


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