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Introducing the 26th MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition.

| 2018

Paris, London and Kielce - these three European defence industry exhibitions come at par in safety and security milieus. For over a quarter of a century, the International Defence Industry Exhibition at Targi Kielce has been the Polish industry's flagship as well as a showcase and the best way to promote domestic companies.

introducing MSPO 2018 International Defence Industry Exhibition 001

MSPO is also a presentations platform for the global defence business sector's latest developments. This year's MSPO will is held from September 4 to 7. September 8 to 9 are the Open Days - the general public has the chance to see the Republic of Poland's Armed Forces Exhibition. Poland's centenary of independence is the unifying idea for both events. 

Unwaveringly the Targi Kielce Defence Expo has been guided by two missions - promotion of Polish armaments industry companies at the international arena and strengthening Poland's defence potential. In the year of Poland's 100 Centenary of Independence, the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda granted his honorary auspices for the 26th International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce. For years the Republic of Poland's President's Award for the best product which serves the purpose of the RP Armed Forces’ soldiers’ safety enhancement as well as the Minister of National Defence Distinctions have been awarded at the gala awarding ceremony. The Polish Armaments Group has been many-year MSPO strategic partner.

It is already known that the expo presentations will use all the 7 Expo Pavilions as well as the outdoor expo grounds of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. MSPO is the showcase for the defence industry's latest developments. The global industry leaders have already confirmed their presence at the Kielce expo. 2017's Kielce expo was the showcase for products and services of 618 companies from 27 countries from all corners of the world, MSPO was enhanced with the Poland's Armed Forces' exhibition. The expo and the Open Days which followed MSPO attracted 38,000 people. The event hosted 67 official foreign delegations from 43 countries many of which were presided by ministers.

The International Defence Industry Exhibition boasts many-year tradition of Lead Nations' Exhibitions. These Exhibitions have been a part of the Expo since 2004. Until now 13 countries have presented their military potentials: 2018 expo is held under the banner of the 100th anniversary of the Independent Polish State.

MSPO 2018 includes also the Ministry of National Defence's and military institutes' and universities' exhibition. The Armed Forces Exhibition will occupy about 10,000 square meters in the indoor and outdoor exhibition grounds. It has been the MSPO many-year tradition to feature military museums with its exhibits. The Kielce International Defence Industry Exhibition is the arena for prestigious business and diplomatic meetings. The Meeting of the Secretaries of State in the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Director of the National Centre of Research and Development with representatives of the Polish defence industry will be held a consecutive time within the scope of the expo.

The third day of the trade-show is the day of services subordinated to the Ministry of Interior and Administration. Police dog obedience shows and the state fire services dynamic show-presentations are a part of the agenda. "Doing business with the army – a safe way to earn money" conference is held already for the sixth time.

From 8 to 9 September the MSPO welcomes all those who are interested in the militaria and the Polish army capabilities. The Open Days were included to expand the MSPO programme last year. Thus not only has the general public the chance to become familiar with the Polish Armed Forces' potential - the Open Days are designed to enhance the national identity and support patriotic spirit upbringing. 2018's MSPO exhibition and external display's selected parts will be presented to all interested, no age restrictions.


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