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Indonesia: Final firing tests with Kaplan MT Medium Tank by PT Pindad.

| 2018

Indonesian Defense Company PT Pindad has performed final firing tests with the Kaplan MT MMWT (Modern Medium Weight Tank) on Monday, August 28, 2018 jointly developed by the Turkish Company FNSS and PT Pindad from Indonesia at the Army’s infantry education center in West Bandung regency in West Java.

Indonesia Final firing tests with Kaplan MT Medium Tank by PT Pindad 925 001
Kaplan MT at the 72nd Anniversary of Indonesian National Armed Forces. (Picture source Wikipedia)

PT Pindad corporate secretary Tuning Rudyati said, the firing tests of the Kaplan MT were aimed to test the function of the 105-milimeter CT-CV turret system, designed and developed by the Belgian Company CMI Defence that incorporates an automatic loading system which contains 16 rounds in standard configuration and 12 rounds in air-deployable configuration.

A series of trial tests of the medium tank started in the middle of July 2018, such as landmine blasts, testing the tank’s resistance to landmines and mobility tests.

PT Pindad president director Abraham Mose said, "The construction of the medium tank was a long-term program to apply the technology in weapons development toward weapon production independence". He added "Indonesian experts in PT Pindad had developed 100 percent of the software, while parts of the hardware were still imported".

The concept design of the MMWT has been completed and unveiled during Indo Defense 2016, International Tri-Service Defense Expo & Forum in November 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The joint development of Medium weight tank design architecture includes advanced ballistic and mine protection systems with broad range of fire power from close support of infantry to anti-armor.

First prototype of the Kaplan MMWT (Modern Medium Weight Tank) was unveiled by the Turkish Company FNSS in May 2017 during IDEF, International Defense Industry Fair in Turkey.

The internal layout of the vehicle was carefully engineered by taking into account the ergonomics of the crew and the different tactical and battlefield conditions, including driving, firing and ammunition loading and unloading. Special type of driver seat enables the operator to have adequate field of view, and to access all cabin equipment. The KAPLAN MT is also equipped with a battlefield management system and laser warning system that provides tactical awareness to the vehicle commander.

With high-end mine and ballistic protection for its class, the KAPLAN MMWT provides adequate firepower against battlefield threats with great speed of response and within a short period of time. This, in turn, ensures superior survivability and mobility on the battlefield.

Indonesia Final firing tests with Kaplan MT Medium Tank by PT Pindad 925 002
Kaplan MT Medium Tank prototype was unveiled at IDEF defense exhibition in May 2017.

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