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Haenel RS8 & RS9 modern sniper rifles for police and military forces.

| 2018

Haenel sniper rifle RS8/9 at Enforce TAC 2018, the International law enforcement, security and tactical solution exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. In the 20th Century, the German Company Haenel is an innovative firearms manufacturer who has developed a full range of modern sniper rifle including the RS8 and RS9.

Haenel RS8 RS9 modern sniper rifles for police and military forces 925 001
Haenel sniper rifle at Enforce TAC 2018, International law enforcement, security and tactical solutions exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany (Picture source Army Recognition)

Haenel is based in Suhl/Germany, the company has developed and manufactured new generation of sniper rifles system especially designed for the use by police and military forces. The bolt-action concept sets a standard in ergonometric and modularity. The rifle can easily be adapted to the needs of the shooter and the situation – without using any tools.

The RS family was developed to meet the requirements of the professional user. Haenel has complete control of production of all key components of the RS family rifle system. The barrel, receiver and bolt action are all produced in the cooperative of the Suhl Arms Alliance. The ergonomic concept is based on a toeless adjustment of the gun with the support of “quick” adjustments. The Stock can be adjusted not just in length, but also in height.

The cheek rest, which is also adjustable in height and sideways and allows usage by left and right handed marksmen. The precise trigger action can be adjusted for pull resistance, trigger pull and longitudinal position and take up pull. (Adjustable trigger weight: 10 - 20 N.) The pistol grip adapter (AR 15 style) allows the user to select from a wide variety of different pistol grips.

The modular concept is based on the universally recognized interfaces for accessories; from the pistol grip adapter to the mounting rails for aiming devices and accessories (NATO STANAG 4694). A Nato STANAG 4694 rail is milled into the system housing, this permits highest precision connected with a low line of sight. A further Nato STANAG 4694 rail is integrated on the bottom of the chassis in front of the hand-guard.

The the RS-8 Compact and RS-8 Subsonic are built to fire the 7.62×51 NATO and .308 Winchester calibers. The RS9 is chambered for the 338 Lapua Magnum caliber. The RS-8 Subsonic variant uses a special subsonic ammunition with heavy rounds.



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