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Gulan 1000 MLRS used by Syrian army against Daesh.

| 2018

Over the weekend, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) moved their newly-delivered Gulan 1000 missile system to the Al-Safa region of Al-Sweida. The Syrian army’s 4th Armored Division began using its Gulan 1000 system against Daesh in the Al-Safa region immediately after it arrived.

Gulan 1000 MLRS used by Syrian army against Daesh

The Golan-1000 visually resembles the TOS-1, a multiple rocket launcher system based on the T-72 main battle tank that Russia has supplied to some pro-government forces in Syria (Picture source: Twitter)

Once in use, the Syrian Arab Army was able to eliminate several Daesh dens and trenches, paving the way for their ground forces to liberate more than two kilometers of territory from the terrorist group.


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