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First Tor-M2DT air defense missile for Russian army Arctic units.

| 2018

Arctic and Extreme North units of Russian army will receive first short-range Tor-M2DT anti-aircraft air defense missile system in 2018, head of the Russian Ground Air Defense Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov said.

First Tor M2DT air defense missile for Russian army Arctic units 925 001
The new Tor-M2DT mobile air defense missile system especially designed to be used for Arctic region (Picture source Army Recognition)

"The design of the Arctic short-range Tor-M2DT is at the final stage. The new air defense missile system is mounted on a two-unit all-terrain vehicle DT-30PM. The complex will operate in harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic and the Extreme North both within a missile squadron and fully autonomously in pairs of combat vehicles," he said.

The autonomous short-range Tor-M2DT missile complex is adapted to harsh climatic conditions and can engage in combat missions in extremely low temperatures and difficult terrain.

The TOR-M2DT was revealed during the rehearsal for the Russian Victory Day Parade, in April 2017. The system is especially designed to be used for Arctic region based on the chassis of the DT-30PM tracked all-terrain vehicle which consists of two tracked vehicle units linked by a steering mechanism. The second vehicle is used to carried the TOR-M2 missile launcher station.

The TOR-M2DT is fitted with a TOR-M2 missile launcher station mounted on the roof of the second vehicle of a DT-30PM-T1 all-terrain amphibious vehicle. The missile system is equipped with two 9M334 modules, each containing four 9M331 and 9M332 surface-to-air guided missiles in four transporting-launching containers which are used to store, transport and launch the missiles. The turret of the TOR-M2 also includes a 25 km 360° search radar mounted at the rear and 15 km 60° tracking radar at the front.

First Tor M2DT air defense missile for Russian army Arctic units 925 002
The second vehicle of the Tor-M2DT is fitted with the missile launcher station (Picture source Army Recognition)

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