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First Arquus Trapper VT4 light tactical vehicles delivered to French army.

| 2018

On 3 October, the detachment of the 8th Army Material Regiment based in Satory received the first four units of the new 4x4 tactical vehicle produced by Arquus under the designation VT4.

First Arquus Trapper VT4 light tactical vehicles delivered to French army 2
First delivery of Arquus VT4 light tactical vehicles. 4,380 units will equip the French Army by 2025 (Picture source: Arquus)

The delivery of the first batch, about one hundred vehicles, is spread over two weeks. Units of the three forces, as well as the Joint Munitions Service (SIMU), are the beneficiaries. As stated by the DGA in its October 8th press release, the VT4s will be delivered to 15 regiments throughout the country, which will serve as a redistribution platforms within the forces.

4,380 VT4 will equip the forces by 2025, including 3,980 of them in the ground forces. On September 5th, the DGA ordered 1,200 VT4s from Arquus. These vehicles correspond to the first standard of the VT4. With a total weight allowed of 3.5 tons, it carries four soldiers equipped with the Félin system or five soldiers (non-equipped with the Félin). This 4x4 of commercial range, named Trapper by the manufacturer, is militarized by Arquus in its factory of Saint-Nazaire. 4,380 VT4 will equip the French army by 2025, including 3,980 in the ground forces.


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