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Finland Crotale NG fitted with Catherine XP thermal camera completes successful test-firing.

| 2018

Finnish Defence Forces performed a successful live firing of their Thales Crotale New Generation, equipped with new Catherine XP thermal camera, the French defense giant announced on June 8, 2018.

Surveillance de lespace aérien finlandais Copyright FinnishArmy
A Crotal NG air defense system belonging to Finnish Defence Forces
(Credit: Finnish Defence Forces)

Finnish Defence Forces’ main role, besides operating alongside European and UN forces in numerous international missions, is to defend the national territory and the Finnish population. For the past 30 years, Thales has provided services and capability sustainment to the Finnish Defence Forces for their Crotale NG (New Generation) short-range air defence system.

Within the framework of a running support contract, the Finnish Defence Forces have acquired a new Thales thermal camera. This is part of the long-term sustainment of the system's optronic target acquisition and tracking capability. Operators find the Crotale NG's advanced optronic functions to be a valuable feature of the overall system. Optronic mode also offers support to operators’ decision in the event of an air threat. The unmatched technical performance of the new camera helps providing Finnish Defence Forces with a dependable real-time image that is immediately available so that operators can make the best decision and act accordingly.

The test firing, with a VT1 missile, conducted at a Finnish Defence Forces training range, demonstrated the capabilities of the Crotale NG equipped with the Catherine XP camera. It proved the accuracy and robust performance of a system that is fully consistent with the requirements of the Finnish Defence Forces as it fulfils its mission of protecting civilian populations and deployed forces.

This latest evolution maintains the development momentum of the Crotale NG multi-sensor SHORAD system and further enhances its proven combat performance.


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