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DX Korea 2018: Hanwha Defense Systems to launch development of Chunmoo 2 MLRS.

| 2018

At DX Korea 2018, Defense Exhibition in South Korea, the South Korean Defense Company Hanwha Defense Systems has announced the launch for the development of Chunmoo 2, a new version of the standard Chunmoo MLRS (Multiple launch Rocket System), to double the maximum firing range of the rockets.

Hanwha Defense Systems to launch development of Chunmoo 2 MLRS 925 001
South KOrean army Chunmoo MLRS at the live demonstration during DX Korea 2018, defense exhibition in South Korea. Septemùber 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Chunmoo also called K239 K-MLRS is multi-caliber launch rocket system designed and manufactured by the South Korean Company Hanwha Corporation. It is a new generation of artillery weapon able to fire different calibers of rockets. The South Korean government awarded a development contract to Hanwha in 2009, and the development of the Chunmoo was completed in 2013. It enters in service with the South Korean army (ROK) in 2014.

The Chunmoo can fire 130mm, 227mm and 239mm rockets. Rockets can be fitted with HE-FRAG (High-Explosive Fragmentation), incendiary, smoke, illumination, cargo warheads with anti-tank or pre-fragmented anti-personnel sub-munitions. The types of rockets can be mixed (for example 1 container of 20x 130mm and 1 container of 6x 239mm). The 130mm rockets have a range of 36 Km while the larger 230mm-class rockets have a range of about 80 km for the non guided one and 160 km for the guided variant.

The Chunmoo K-MLRS is based on an 8×8 truck chassis also manufactured by the Company Hanwha. The truck has an armored cab, which provides protection against firing of small arms and artillery shell splinters. This artillery system has a crew of three and all firing operations can be performed from inside of the crew cab.

The Chunmoo is also presented at DX Korea 2018 during a live demonstration with other combat and armored vehicles used by the South Korean armed forces.

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