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Costa Rica receives 3 armored vehicle from the United States.

| 2018

The United States donated three armored vehicles to the Government of Costa Rica to strengthen security throughout the country. One vehicle is destined for Fuerza Publica, another for the Special Intervention Unit (UEI), and the third for the Judicial Police (OIJ).

usa donation armored vehicles costa rica 925 001
(source: US Embassy in Costa Rica)

The three four-wheel drive vehicles were equipped in the United States with state-of the-art technology, including special exterior lights, infrared cameras, navigation system, armored glass for ballistic protection, sirens, intercoms, and run-flats that allow the vehicle operate with deflated tires. Police officers in charge of the vehicles participated in a training to learn how to operate and take full advantage of this new resource.

Each vehicle is valued in USD 208,221, for a grand total of almost USD 652,000. This donation represents one the most recent examples of the excellent security cooperation between the United States and Costa Rica. In 2017, the U.S. Embassy invested more than USD 30 million to support judicial authorities and Costa Rican security officials in their effort to keep Costa Rica safe. This partnership between the United States and Costa Rica enhances the security and prosperity of both countries.

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