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AirShow China 2018: New QN-506 multi-weapon tracked armored vehicle based on Type 59 MBT.

| 2018

At AirShow China 2018, the Chinese Company Wuhan Guide Infrared presents the QN-506, a new concept of multi-weapon tracked combat vehicle based on the Type 59 Main Battle Tank (MBT) chassis. The Type 59 main battle tank is a Soviet-made T-54A produced under license in China.

New QN 506 multi weapon tracked armored vehicle based on Type 59 MBT 925 001
New QN-506 muliti-weapon tracked armoured vehicle based on Type 59 chassis at AirShow China 2018, Zhuhai. (Picture source Army Recognition)

A total of 10,000 examples of various versions of the Type 59 MBT (Main Battle Tank) have been built by the First Inner Mongolia Machinery Factory (PLA codename: 617 Factory) located at Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Wuhan Guide Infrared has used the chassis of the Type 59 MBT to create a new concept of mufti-weapon combat vehicle using modern weapon fitted on tracked chassis offering mobility and fire power.

The original turret of the Type 59 MBT was removed and replaced by a new modern turret armed with different weapons including one 30mm automatic cannon, one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, four launchers for anti-tank missile, 20 launchers for multi-role missiles and four tube launchers for loitering munitions. The 30 mm cannon is mounted at the front of the turret while anti-tank and multi-role missiles launchers are mounted on each side of the turret.

The QN-506 is able to engage ground and air targets using the 30mm cannon with an effective firing range of 2,000 m or missiles with a maximum firing range of 4 km. The turret has a traverse of 360° and a maximum elevation of 53°

The QN-506 is fitted with a remotely operated turret equipped with latest technology of computerized fire control, laser range finder, day/night camera, thermal imager, and panoramic sight. It has a crew of two located at the front of the hull. There is two small bulletproof windows that can be covered by armor plates in combat condition.

The QN-506 is also equipped with a drone that can performed observation missions at a maximum range of 10 km.

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