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Air Show China 2018: Poly Technologies unveils Wolf Warrior II Main Battle Tank.

| 2018

At Air Show China 2018, being held until November 11 in Zhuhai (China), the Chinese defense giant Poly Technologies is showcasing a "Wolf Warrior II" main battle tank based on the Type 59 MBT. 

Wolf Warrior II tank photo 001
Wolf Warrior II MBT at Air Show China 2018
(Picture source Army Recognition)

The Wolf Warrior II was rebuilt and now integrates a longer 105 mm rifle smooth bore gun. More over, Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) is now installed on the turret and the front lower glacis. New ERA blocks are fitted on each side of the turret, while slat armor has been installed at the rear of the turret. 

According to Poly Technologies, the Wolf Warrior II variant "fulfills strong firepower and comprehensive protection". The MBT prototype appeared in the "Wolf Warrior II" movie, a 2017 Chinese action film which broke numerous box office records.

The Type 59 main battle tank is a Soviet-made T-54A produced under license in China. 

A total of 10,000 examples of various versions of the Type 59 have been built by the First Inner Mongolia Machinery Factory (PLA codename: 617 Factory) located at Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Wuhan Guide Infrared has used the chassis of the Type 59 MBT to create a new concept of mufti-weapon combat vehicle using modern weapon fitted on tracked chassis offering mobility and fire power.

According to a video released on March 2018 on Twitter, the PLA Army recently developed its first unmanned main battle tank using the Type 59 Main Battle Tank (MBT) platform. The video published on Twitter shown a Chinese soldier driving the Type 59 from an independent computer terminal with a steering wheel to control and drive remotely the main battle tank.


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