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Air Show China 2018: Jonyang launches new JYL-913Q assault bridge.

| 2018

At Air Show China 2018, held last week in Zhuhai (Guangdong), Guizhou Jonyang Kinetics Co., Ltd, unveiled the new JYL913-Q assault bridge.

JYL913 assault bridge photo 001
Jonyang's new JYL913-Q assault bridge at Air Show China 2018

The JYL913-Q assault bridge vehicle combines a 13 meters-long bridge and a multi-purpose wheeled engineering vehicle chassis, providing strong all-terrain capabilities. The vehicle weighs less than 13 tons and features an on-road top speed of 120 km/h. The JYL913-Q can deploy the 2.5 meters-wide bridge even with a fording depth of ip to 1.5 meters.

With non-independent air spring suspension system, the assault bridge vehicle has good cross-country capability, a strong stability in moving conditions. It is also capable of accurate flow control thanks to an electronic hydraulic system.

The JYL913-Q is a flexible, fast and light crossing solution mainly used for rapid deployment of assault bridge and supporting vehicles to overcome obstacles. It is operated by a crew of two.

The 4-wheels chassis has a length of 7.34 meters, a width of 2.49 meters and a height of 2.25 meters. It features an operational range of 600 km and a maximum hauling capacity of 8 tons.


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