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AAD 2018: World Premiere new Jadara Terminator-AT Anti-Tank Guided Missile.

| 2018

World premiere at AAD 2018, Africa Aerospace and Defense Exhibition in South Africa for the new Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) dubbed "Terminator-AT" designed and developed by the Jordanian Company Jadara. The missile is now ready for production and will be tested by the Jordanian armed forces.

World Premiere new Jadara Terminator AT Anti Tank Guided Missile AAD 2018 South Africa 925 001
Jadara Terminator-AT launcher unit mounted on a tripod at AAD 2018, Africa Aerospace and Defense Exhibition in South Africa. September 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

At AAD 2018, the launcher of the Terminator-AT was mounted on a tripod including the launching unit and the PUT-1 guidance unit. The missile has a diameter of 107mm.

The Terminator missile can be fitted with two types of warheads: AT Hollow Charge, Tandem and HE High Explosive, Fragmentation which can be used to destroy tanks, light armored vehicles, light soft skinned vehicles and field fortifications at a distance from 100 to 2,500 m. According to Jadara, the warheads can penetrate 550 mm and 50 mm of armor respectively.

The Terminator is a laser beam riding, semi-automatic command-to-line of sight (SACLOS) missile. It can be mounted on either a portable launcher or a carrier-based automatic launcher.

During SOFEX, Special Forces Operations Exhibition that was held in Jordan in May 2018, Jadara has showcased the Terminator-AT integrated on a remote weapon station fitted on a light tactical vehicle.

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