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WB Group unveils its ZRN-01 Missile System "STOKROTKA DAISY" at MSPO 2017.

| 2017

WB Group showcases for the first time its ZRN-01 Missile System "STOKROTKA DAISY" at MSPO 2017. This missile system has been developped in collaboration with Ukrainian companies to offer protection against both ground and aerial targets.

WB Group unveils its ZRN 01 Missile System STOKROTKA DAISY at MSPO 2017 925 001
The WB Group ZRN-01 Missile System "STOKROTKA DAISY" at MSPO 2017 (Credit : Army Recognition)

The system has been designed by the Polish company WB Group in collaboration with Ukrainian company UkrOboronProm to protect military facilities and concentration of forces from unmanned aerial vehicles and to assist the land forces in their missions: 
Detection and destruction of ground targets such as: infantry, light armoured vehicles, command posts, fuel and ammunition depots.
Detection and destruction of helicopters and light flying targets - mainly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The system is composed of two B8V20 rocket launchers with unguided 80 mm RS-80P missiles. These missiles are the same than the one used on the Mi-24 attack helicopter. The missiles are equipped with different time fuses and different types of warheads depending on the threat (ground or aerial).

The ZRN-01 has an operationnal firing range of 7000 meters (horizontal) against ground targets and 4000 meters (vertical) against aerial targets. A radar system is integrated to detect targets with low effective dispersion surface, such as UAV at a distance up to 6 km. The Missile System is mounted on an Autobox 6x6 Star 266M2 terrain vehicle.

The system is equipped with the Topaz Automated Fire Control System developed by WB Group. The use of TOPAZ provides the opportunity to optimise the utilisation of available artillery fire resources to ensure adequate firepower at the right time and the right place.

WB Group, the largest private group carrying out national defence tasks in Poland, the WB Group offers revolutionary products in the field of special electronics – communication systems, fire control systems and unmanned aircraft systems.

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