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Turkey Uzbekistan to produce jointly Ejder Yalcin III 4x4 armored.

| 2017

Under an agreement signed on October 27, 2017, Turkey and Uzbekistan will jointly produce the Ejder Yalcin-III, a Turkish-made wheeled armored vehicle.

Turkey and Uzbekistan to produce jointly Ejder Yalcin III 4x4 armored vehicle 925 001
Turkish-made Ejder Yalçin III 4x4 armoured vehicle at High Tech Port, defense exhibition in Turkey.

Anadolu Agency reported that representatives of Turkish firm Nurol Makina and Uzbek firm UzAuto signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the joint manufacturing of the Ejder Yalcin-III 4x4 armored vehicle. The deal was signed as part of Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev's visit to Turkey.

The two sides will jointly produce up to 1,000 vehicles under the agreement. Anadolu Agency noted that the deal includes export to third countries, suggesting that not all 1,000 will enter service locally in Uzbekistan.

The report did not note when the two sides expect to conclude a production deal or when joint production might begin.

In late July, Uzbek media reported that Uzbekistan was planning on an order of 10 Ejder Yalcin-III armored vehicles with an aim towards reaching a joint production agreement. Uzbekistan had tested the vehicle locally the previous month and was satisfied that the Ejder Yalcin-III could operate in the local environment.

The following month it was rumored that the two sides were working on an agreement regarding production of hundreds of the armored vehicles.

The Ejder Yalçin III is the latest member in the Ejder family of armoured vehicles designed and manufactured by the Turkish Company Nurol Makina. The vehicle was unveiled during the defense exhibition in Turkey High Tech Port in November 2016.

The Ejder Yalçin III is based on a V-shaped hull design offering high level of protection against mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The vehicle can accommodate up to 11 military personnel including driver, commander and gunner.

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