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SPEAR Mk2 mortar System Elbit Systems on 4x4 armored DSEI 2017.

| 2017

Elbit Systems presents its SPEAR M2 mortar system mounted on 4x4 armoured vehicle at DSEI 2017, defense and security exhibition in London, United Kingdom. Based on decades of experience developing and providing thousands of self-propelled CARDOM vehicular mortars for military forces worldwide, Elbit Systems recently introduced SPEAR MK2 ‘soft recoil’ system that reduces the mortar’s firing loads to less than 15 tons. This enables the assembly of the complete mortar system on light 4X4 vehicles.

SPEAR Mk2 mortar system on 4x4 vehicle Elbit Systems DSEI 2017 defense exhibition London UK 925 001 Elbit Systems SPEAR Mk2 mounted on 4x4 armoured vehicle at DSEI 2017, International Defense and Security Exhibition in London, United Kingdom.

Mounted on standard, off-road light tactical vehicles such as the HMMWV or equivalent platforms, SPEAR MK2 has the off-road mobility and mission autonomy to provide fire support solution for light forces. Light infantry, air-mobile units, or special-forces, as well as national guards and territorial-army battalions, would all benefit from the contribution of such 'pocket artillery.'

SPEAR MK2 provides an affordable fire support solution providing the same capabilities of costly, dedicated platforms available to the best equipped mechanized and heavy armored formations.

Besides the soft recoil weapon mount, the SPEAR MK2 maintains a highly automated weapon system management and control, featuring position and navigation and computer controlled electric drive system to position the barrel to the exact azimuth and elevation. The Mortar Fire Control System is coupled to a north finding system and inclination gauge unit, enabling the platform to operate without the support of external reference points. Battle management system (BMS) offers automated processes to handle fire management, scheduled fire plans, target prioritization and forecasting of attack results, based on the situational picture that includes topographical, meteorological and tactical factors, enabling the crew to select alternative plans or positions to deliver an effective attack.

Rapid response and efficient ammunition economy are unique features of SPEAR MK2. A small crew (2-3 personnel per vehicle) can fire the first round within 20 seconds from a halt, maintaining a fire burst of up to 15 rounds per minute, automatically engaging multiple targets at quick succession.

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